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    Got it.I am able to connect to the wireless network.

    I just stopped the wpa_supplicant service from system/adminstration/services.

    But another problem has risen up.I am not able to open up any website.Error page comes saying that the website is taking too long to respond

    Please note that in the Firewall/Trusted Interfaces/wlan0 is checked.

    Also my Mozilla Firefox takes along time to start up.

    Please help me resolve this.


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    As short background Information.
    I've got a Notebook (Latitude C400 with a IntelPro Wireless 2100 MiniPCI)
    Fedora 8 installed, Gnome Desktop.
    - NetworkManager and Dispatcher are - chkconfig off
    - wpa_supplicant is 2,3,5 enabled.
    I use DHCP with wpa_supplicant (and yes it works)

            pairwise=CCMP TKIP
            group=CCMP TKIP
    For the working DHCP thing I've just did it like this
    .... onboot = no
    .... dhcp = yes
    and within the /etc/rc.local
    I set the command
    /sbin/ifup eth1
    so wpa_supplicant connects to the wireless
    and then rc.local issues the interface to be up and reads the ifcfg DHCP
    Peng, Bummm it works.

    So now the problem one
    It's a Laitude D410 with a IntelPro Wireless 2200 MiniPCI
    I did nearly the same but when the system starts
    wpa_supplicant can't start cause it's arguing regarding some missing ctrl_iface_dbus thing. file missing or not found.

    But when I issue the command manually

    wpa_supplicant -d -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -ieth1 -Dwext

    It works.

    So I want to know how what file he is looking for?
    Cause /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf is present... otherwise
    my manually start of that wpa_su...... -i etc... won't also work.
    But it does.

    So why does it work if I start the command manually?
    It must have something to do with the DBUS ( the new init system )
    Thats what I guess is also your problem

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