I have problem again in the concept of Layer 2 roaming:

Network Figure:

From the figure above, I am going to perform Layer 2 roaming. The 2 AP are connected at the distributed layer with ethernet port which connected to a major switch.

From my previous post, I get some information about the Layer 2 roaming where we set the AP1 AP2 to the same SSID. The client will roam from the GND floor up to the 4th floor and vice-versa. The both AP have the function of providing DHCP IP address.


(1) My problem of concept is, how about the DHCP pool in both AP? What range I need to set? Assume the network address to be use is

(2) Can I set a static IP address in the client machine? If static, it is able to roam?

(3) If I want to do measurement of the roaming, what are the recommended technique in doing the measurement? Ping?

Please assist. Thank you.