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    Quote Originally Posted by megerdin View Post
    I could connect with multiple USB modem. What I want is to Route to multiple uplink
    How were you able to connect the two modems at the same time. Could you please post the instructions on how to do it?

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    May be a problem is with the modem

    Quote Originally Posted by gprs-modem-dude View Post
    @ megerdin & @ theVOID:

    I'd like to do the same thing: I'm working on a system to monitor mobile data services that are offered by various providers.

    To test these services I'd need to use multiple usb gprs/3g modems (like 6 to connected to one machine using usb (probably max 4 per usb hub ). I can't use one 3g modem because each service has its own sim card.

    I tried doing a proof of concept using two different Option usb modules using a usb hub to see if linux could deal with this hardware setup and see if one or more serial devices per usb module would appear.

    Unfortunately I ran into usb problems: "Unable to enumerate USB device on port X", connecting them to seperate usb controllers fixed this. But most hardware doesn't have more than 3 usb controller with external usb ports... so I really need to have multiple modems working via one usb controller.

    Did anybody build a setup with multiple usb modems and minds sharing the hardware, usb, mobile usb modems used?
    I did try the same in windows 7 and I succeeded only when I used 3G modems supporting NDIS. The only modems that I found supporting NDIS are HUAWEI E153 and E173.
    In NDIS mode the internet connection is seen by the operating system as another network interface. So I think this would fix the problem.

    On the other hand if you connect multiple usb modems on single usb port using a typical usb hub it won't work due to current limitation in usb port (max 500mA). Since each modem draw 500mA.(refer E153_product_description.pdf)
    In this case you will have to use a AC powered USB hub to connect the modems. Where the power will be provided by an external power supply.

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    Guys, this thread is well over 4 years old so I'm going to close it, but do feel free to start fresh threads if any of you are having any issues with Linux.

    Thank you.

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