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    Setting Up Wireless Network in red hat enterprise 5

    Hi , im new to linux . ive used it a few years ago but i can't really remember anything ,. i got my hands on a red hat enterprise 5 copy and ive installed it But i can't connect to my wireless network. im using Dell Inspiron 1300 And my wireless card called "Dell Wireless 1370" and i think that its a broadcom chipset . I think that red hat found the drivers but i still can't connect . there isn't a way to see a list of all the wireless networks that i can connect to and just hit connect ? .
    I remember a command called "iwconfig" and "ifconfig" and that its got something to do with the network settings , but when i open a new terminal in red hat and i type this command im getting an error saying that the command does not exist ...
    If any1 could help me with this one it will be great ...

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    To know more about the wireless card, enter this in a terminal, and post the output.
    If it is a Broadcom wireless, there is a good chance that it needs firmware loaded to work. Run this command.
    Look through the output for a message about the wireless needing firmware, and post it. This is how I got mine to work.

    As for running commands in Red Hat/Fedora. Many times you need to specify the location of the function that you are trying to run. The first command that I listed above is a good example.
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    Ive tried the commands and now im sure, red hat find the drivers . i just can't Connect , probably because i dont know how . In most linux operation the ive used in the past , they had the wireless assistant that shows all the networks That you have and allows you to connect to them . the thing is that ive downloaded wireless assitant and i can't install it , something about KDE is missing . isn't there a way to connect to wireless networks inside of RHEL 5 ?

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    I've asked you twice for the information that is needed to help you. You still have not provided the information.

    I will not ask again.

    Good luck, I hope someone else will help you. I'm done

    Edit: I'll have to bite my tongue, I only asked you once! I must have confused you with another poster.

    OK, Please post what I asked for. I will still help you

    (That awful sound you just heard is me swallowing my pride)
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