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    Wireless card not talking to internet

    I am using ubuntu on an older PII Tosh laptop with a new D-Link wireless card. The installation seemed to go well and the wireless card light is on but I cannot get the internet working..

    Can anyone help.. I have posted here as many of the commands I can think of to save wasting time

    I tried to include them in this message boy but I kept on getting an error saying.. You have included 7 images in your message...

    so I have attached a small txt file..


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    Do you have the Microsoft Windows drivers for the card handy? You might be able to install them using a program called ndiswrapper.
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    More detailed information is needed. If this is a pcmcia card, enter this command in a terminal and post the output.
    If it is a USB card, use this command.
    There may be error messages that can help determine the problem. Enter this command and post any relevant messages that you find. It will be displayed one page at a time, for easier viewing. Use "page down" key to view next page.
    dmesg | less
    Also, post the modules that are loading on your system. You can get them with this command.
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    Wireless problem

    Thanks for the replies.. but guess what I solved it more by good luck than good management. I read on one website that when you set up a wireless card and decide to put in the wep key as text you MUST put quotes around the key// guess what I hadnt !.. so I changed it to hexadecimal and put the same SSID key in and it worked !!!

    Well worth noting !

    Thanks again

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    WEP is not considered to be very safe. It is better to use WPA encryption.
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    Yes you are right.. so when I get chance I am going to move over to WPA


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