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    Question Obtaining wireless through adjacent laptop

    I recently bought a wireless card for my desktop computer, and after finally getting it to work the range is so short, I could just as well hook up an ethernet cable. I was wondering how I could use my laptop to obtain a wireless connection on my desktop. I asked this question before, but I wasn't given a clear answer. I was only told I could do this, but wasn't told how. I've set a static ip on both the laptop and desktop, and I have wirelessly connected the laptop to the local router. What else do I need to do? :/

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    You are using your laptop as a "router" for your desktop. You need to enable IP forwarding and then configure iptables to pass packets back and forth to your desktop machine.

    You can Google "iptables home router" for many examples => Linky

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    I want to use my laptop as a wireless bridge/access point. I have a router setup, and I'm trying to get wireless from it. I also have a few extra routers, but I was told on the linksys forums that I couldn't use them as an access point.

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    If the wireless card supports it, you would need to change the wireless mode. The three that are most commonly used are these:

    managed - node connects to a network composed of many Access Points, with roaming
    ad-hoc - network composed of only one cell and without Access Point
    master - the node is the synchronisation master or acts as an Access Point

    The mode can changed using the iwconfig command. For a list of iwconfig options use the --help option:
    /sbin/iwconfig --help
    Also, read the man pages for iwconfig, there are more mode options available if your card supports it:
    man iwconfig
    Use enter or page up/down to view the entire document, use q to quit (exit) the man page.
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    Thanks, I think I have an idea on what to do now.

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