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    Wpc54G Wireless card

    Im extremely new to linux. Im using Ubuntu 8.04 and Im trying to figure out how to get my wireless card working on linux. Ive tried to install ndiswrapper/ndisgtk and I managed to supposedly install the driver but the "link" light on my card is still turned off indicating that my wireless internet access has not been enabled. Im under the impression that I might have installed it all wrong...Or maybe there's some kind of configuration step I might have missed. either way, is there a step by step wiki I can follow that will give me the right answers?

    EDIT: it appears to me that the windows driver is installed and ubuntu is recognizing my wireless card...but the link light is still off and wireless roaming is enabled but I still dont have access. someone please help?
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    IIRC, that device uses the broadcom chip-set, try installing the firmware & see if it works. As i'm not an Ubuntu user, you will have to figure that one out. Probably a case of using fw-cutter to extract from your windows driver
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    Still confusing. please elaborate.

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    alright, the system is telling me that my wireless card is detected and that all the drivers are installed do I actually get it to connect?

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    If it is indeed a Broadcom chipset, then there is a native Linux driver that will automatically load. When you install NDISwrapper, it will then conflict with the native driver, and not work.

    Read through this thread, and post the needed info in this thread:

    The native driver requires firmware to be installed before it will work correctly.
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    alright I got it working

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    Care to explain how?
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    Quote Originally Posted by waterhead View Post
    Care to explain how?
    its not that i couldnt get it to work i just didnt mess around with it enough

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    I was hoping that you could provide a more detailed description on what you had to do to get it working.

    When others have problems with the same wireless card, they will Google for help. When they read this thread, will it help them any? Linux is a family where we all help each other. Sharing information is part of this help. It would be nice if you could give back to the Linux community a little bit of what you have received.

    If not, that's OK too. I'm glad your wireless is working. Enjoy Linux!
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    Hi ,

    I saw your(WATERHEAD) postings related to wireless drivers intsallation and others. I need your help in setting my friends laptop. I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT LINUX.He has installed ubuntu (8.04) in his HP and installed windows drivers for Linksys WPC54G Ver 4 card using ndiswrapper and it does appear to connect to network but keeps asking for the WEP key. Even after entring it. its a 128 bit.

    I have asked him to try disabling the wep....and try connecting to isolate the problem... yet to get a reply from him.

    Mean While ...

    I thought of getting suggestions from you...
    if you have already come across this issue....Please do help me.

    Antonio Pius

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