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    The files that you have are fine just the way they are. It will use the bcmwl5.inf for information on the driver, and the bcmwl5.sys for the driver.

    By the way, that is a lower case "L" before the 5, not the number one. Everyone makes that mistake, even I did the first time.

    It seems then that NDISwrapper is installed by default, so go ahead and install the driver and enjoy it. You may want to write yourself some directions and save them to the USB folder where the driver is.
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    Thanks didn't catch that with the l . So I did it all over again and after using ndiswrapper -i /home/knoppix/filename.inf
    I got that same output as previously posted.
    When I use ndiswrapper -l I get this
    bcmwl5.inf : invalid driver
    So is this right and it's just an invalid driver or does the info from the ndiswrapper -i command suggest otherwise?

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    Where did you get the driver from? You could always try the drivers that were linked to in my earlier post.
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    I used this first link for the driver files, I will try the others as well. I am getting ready to install Ubuntu 8.04 on a partition with my windows xp. If I have the same problem with wireless I am glad I have a more clear direction to go in now. Thanks so much for the advice you have been very helpful. It's nice to have a helpful reception so soon after joining the forum.
    <off topic> Could you point me in a good direction for detailed guides concerning beginner programming and scripting using linux? Also what would be a good in-depth book of linux commands,syntax and such?


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    The best chance of success is to use a driver from the manufacturer of your PC. Try to get one specifically for your wireless. If the wireless was added later, then get a driver from the wireless manufacturer, maybe from a driver CD that came with it.

    It must be a Windows XP driver. Vista drivers are not compatible with NDISwrapper.

    When I started in Linux, I purchased a book with detailed info for my distro, The Red Hat Fedora Bible. There is a version for Ubuntu:
    Wiley::Ubuntu 8.04 Linux Bible
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