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    well, thanks for all the help. I think the card is now working. at least the little light that says it is on is working. now the question is how do I use it? when I go into network settings in the menu, and something called "xnetconf" opens upand it lists only one network interface "eht1" and listst the status as "down". where to go from here?

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    I'm not familiar with Zenwalk, or what type of desktop it uses. For Gnome and KDE desktops, there is an application called NetworkManager (Gnome) or KNetworkManager (KDE) that is excellent for connecting to wireless and wired networks.

    You can also use terminal commands for this.

    To look at all network connections:

    To look at wireless connections:

    Usually the wired connection will be called eth0, and the wireless will be either eth1 or wlan0. To start up a network connection, use this command (change the name to match the one on your PC):
    ifup wlan0

    To stop it:
    ifdown wlan0

    You can view all of the options that iwconfig can use, with this command:
    iwconfig --help

    The lights on the card most likely won't work correctly. If the wireless works, then this is a minor problem. Read this on how you could fix it:
    faq - Linux Wireless
    It requires a custom compile of the kernel!

    Edit: It looks like all the things needed for the lights to work are in the Fedora kernel. Use the latest Fedora if you need this option.
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