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    WEP and the passkey

    What is the passkey for other than to have a key generation base?

    I have a linksys wap54g that I want to set 128 bit wep key for. If I put in my 13 character passkey and click generate, I get the 26 character hex key.

    Why have the passkey? I have to copy the 26 character key down to use on the laptop
    ( newer system with XP ) If I try to use the passkey or phrase on the laptop, it will not connect, but if I use the hex key it will.

    I would have thought you use a 13 char phrase to generate the key AND use the same phrase ( much smaller and easier to remember ) to give to the people you allow on the network and your done.

    What am I missing?


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    because your setting your protection up as 128 bit hex which uses a 26 char hex key
    the passkey is ascii some routers do let you use ascii protection but it can be easily hacked

    the purpose of converting a passkey to hex is just because most people dont know hex well enough to create their own key

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    That's not really what I mean.

    The AP generates the encryption from the pass key, I am aware.
    What I do not get is why bother if all it does is generate the key?
    I am sure I can get a random 26 hex number to use. I thought the idea of
    the key was for the human element.

    Frank says "Hey Joe, what's the AP pass key this week? Oh, itisyourstage ( a 13 letter phrase )
    instead of 3bfa5899d29b811bf7ac0ca5f5.

    It makes no sense to have a passkey if I still must use the 26 character hex number if generation is all that it is worth, you might get the pass-key just because you know the types of phrases I use instead of it being random.

    I just talked with Linksys, it appears you can't use the human friendly passkey. It really makes no sense to me.

    Anyone else know any information?



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