I've got a BCM4328 (Macbook3,1) on Debian Lenny/Sid. I've compiled ndiswrapper from source and used the XP driver provided with the Macbook CD. after struggling for a while, I realized the driver is probably 32bit and switched to the .25-i686 kernel instead of the .25-AMD64 kernel. doing that allowed the driver to recognize the hardware and get it working. I set up wpa_supplicant (I think) and can now connect to my network, get a valid DHCP lease but NOT connect to the internet or even ping internal hosts.

I think I might need to adjust wpa_supplicant to account for the fact that I have 1 router + 2 extenders, since it looks like it bounces between using the router and the main extender under my desk, but doesnt hold a connection to either. any thoughts on where to go from here?