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    Linux Vs Windows

    Hi guys I'm after some help before I reluctantly revert back to the evil one. I have installed Ubuntu 8 on my machine in place of XP but the issue I am having is my wireless usb Dlink G122 key.

    I have painfully taken two days to get this going but no go. The story so far is.....

    When I first intsalled it I left the key connected and when the machine had booted the link light was on so I guess it could see my network. However I had no connection. After some investigating I discovered I need the drivers installed. Now dlink have linux drivers as well so I put these onto my machine but got to a fail point with insmod rt2570.ko. It comes up with errors 1 and 2.

    I then discoverd ndiswrapper and loaded that onto the machine successfully. I then proceded to put the .inf and .sys files onto the system from the original windows disk. If I now run the ndiswrapper command I get this

    netrtusb : driver installed
    device (2001:3C00) present (alternate driver: rt2500usb)

    So I'm guessing that this is correct but I am unsure what the alternate driver bit means as this didn't appear in the document I was following. Anyhow as a glimmer of hope as i thought I was nearly there has been killed by the fact that it doesn't work and worse more the link light on the key goes on then off then on then off and so on. You get the idea.

    I feel I might be missing something stupid I would really like some help and possibly a good document that I can follow step by step before I give up and go back to the sad old world of windows.

    One thing I like about linux is the slight complexitiy of it and the fact that what I need to acheive only increases my knowledge of it somewhat but kids are getting fed up with no internet access.

    If only they understood!!

    Any help would be great with this.....

    Many Thanks..

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    The drivers for the Ralink wireless chipsets are included in the Linux kernel. They are automatically loaded when the computer detects the wireless. You need to first activate the card. Go to the System-->Administration-->Networking section to do this.

    Both the rt and ndiswrapper drivers cannot be loaded at the same time. If you are going to use the rt driver, uninstall the driver that you installed with NDISwrapper, and then uninstall NDISwrapper.

    If you are going to use NDISwrapper, you must remove and blacklist the rt driver modules.

    P.S. Try using NetworkManager to connect to wireless networks, it makes the process much easier.
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    Let me try that right now......

  4. $spacer_open
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    When you say activate the card do you mean enter the essid and the WAP key as I have done that before I loaded drivers but I still had no connection.

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    You don't need to load any drivers, they are automatically loaded.

    I don't have your exact setup, so I cannot give you detailed step-by-step instructions. If when you open the network window, there is a properties tab, try that.

    Here is a Ubuntu How-To, but it is old. It actually says at the top, that it is no longer relevant.
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    Ok I have now removed ndiswrapper only thing is now my key wont light up at all and when I go inot manual network config it can't even see the device.

    Oh dear I think its broke....

    What do you need to know from me to help

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    Post the output of the following commands. If you need to transfer it to a windows PC to post them, save them in Linux as a .txt file.
    Did you try any of the commands for WPA connections in the link that I gave you?
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