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    Help. Ubuntu wireless internet

    i have an belkin F5D7050 wireless adapter.
    I plug it in and it says there are different routers around and i select the one i want and it doesnt connect!

    i plug in my Netgear and it works fine. im on it now

    How do i get belkin to work

    NOTE: i have never used linux. ubuntu or anything like that before. please talk me though what i have to do
    something to do with a wrapper?? i got something but i open the file and its got loads of random files in it and i dont know what to do with them and how to get the drivers off my CD onto my computer.
    How do i get my computer to recognize the drivers?

    Please help. talk me though it like im an alien from another planet. il get lost if you skip bits .


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    Because Linux is a free, open source operating system. The only wireless drivers you will find pre-installed will be free open source ones.

    Fortunately, Ubuntu makes this process rather easy. Look in the main menu for something called Restricted Drivers, or maybe just Drivers. It will show you if there are any non open source drivers available for any of your hardware. Just click to enable the drivers you want. Make sure the device is connected before boot.

    If this doesn't do it, I'll tutor you in another method.
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    Hi, i plugged in my bekin and went into hardware drivers. i could not find restricted drivers but ubuntu told me it was in hardware drivers. so i looked in and there was nothing in there. but my hardware was plugged in. My internet starts to load up but it just stops trying to connect. but netgear works.. hmm

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    Run these commands in a terminal, and post the output in this thread. it will help to determine the course of action. I assume that it is a USB, so plug it in first.
    dmesg | grep firmware
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    Yeah, do what 'waterhead' suggests. First thing you want to do is find out which version of the Belkin usb adapter you got. Each version has a different chipset or at least, that is applicable most of the time. Hopefully, you got the version 4 one because that usually works out of the box. It has the zydas chipset (also known as zd1211b) and uses the zd1211rw driver. If you didn't get version 4 and instead another version, then you probably have some configuring to do, unfortunately.

    When you discover the info you need (i.e. the chipset), check this page:

    Linux wireless LAN support

    Most of the Belkin F5D7050 usb adapters have either Zydas or Ralink chipsets.

    If it's a Ralink, you might need to enable a 'restricted packages' repository so that you can install firmware. I could be mistaken on that but it applies to other distros, I think. I know some distros require this operation even with the Zydas chipset usb dongles. It could depend on which version of Ubuntu you're using, I am not sure. Either way, that usb adapter should work without a lot of trouble in Ubuntu but there are times in which it won't work for whatever reason. I'm familiar with the experience!

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