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    I do search in the Synaptic Package Manager and the only package find is madwifi-tools!!!

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    You may need to enable some repositories first. At the top of Synaptic, select Settings --> Repositories. Look for Debian Multimedia Packages::Home, and put a check in the box next to it.

    Close that window and click on the "Reload" button in the upper-left corner. When it is done, search for madwifi again.
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    I can't find the Debian Multimedia Packages::Home in Synaptic->Settings->Repositories ?

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    I'm sorry, again. the forum software converted the http address to the name of the web site. Here's the address again:
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    I don't have connection to internet, the only way to connect with internet is the wireless!

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    You could try changing the Synaptic settings to use only the CD as the repository.

    At the top of Synaptic, click on Edit --> Add CD-ROM. Put in the Debian installation CD/DVD and let it scan it. Now go to the Settings --> Repositories section. First, write down the repositories that are enabled, so that you can restore it when you get this working. Then uncheck all of the external repositories. There should be an entry like: deb cdrom[distro name]. Leave this one checked, exit and click on Reload. It should now only show the programs that are available from the CD.

    Now do a search for madwifi. If the madwifi-modules package still can't be found, you will have to do things differently.

    You could see if NDISwrapper is installable from the CD, and install and use that for the wireless. You then also need the correct WInXP driver for the wireless.

    You could also use another PC, with internet access, to find and download the correct madwifi-modules package for your system. After transferring it to the Debian system, you should be able to install it. The same can be said of NDISwrapper, if it isn't on the CD, that is.

    At this point, I would use NDISwrapper, as it should be a little easier to set up. You have screwed around with this long enough, and I'd like to see you get it working.
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    Again the only madwifi tools show me only!!!

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    No NDISwrapper either? Then your options are limited, and they include getting internet access a different way. Either to download the needed files on a different PC, or on your own PC.

    If there is any way you can hook this PC to a wired internet connection, you should consider it. If you have to carry the computer 5 miles to a friend's house, it may be less trouble than the alternative.

    Besides, you have probably been sitting in front of the keyboard too long, and need some exercise.

    It also may make a difference if you installed from a CD or a DVD. If you used a CD, and there is a DVD version available, you should try and get the DVD version. The DVD will have a lot more programs available on it. I don't think that distros like Ubuntu even offer a DVD version, but I don't know about Debian.

    Edit: I see Debian does have a DVD version,
    Downloading Debian CD/DVD images via HTTP/FTP
    I can't guarantee that the packages that you want are on the DVD, but that is usually how things are.

    Another Edit: It looks like only the madwifi-source is available, as this is considered proprietary software, and a no-no for free operating systems.

    I do see NDISwrapper, though.
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    I follow the steps in this site UserDocs/FirstTimeHowTo - - Trac and now the wifi is working!
    Thanks for your help waterhead!!!!!!!!!!

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    That is good news!

    Was there anything different from the How-To, that you had to do different? What about your lack of a working internet connection. How did that impact your following the How-To?

    Just trying to tie up a few loose ends on this, as it will be useful in helping others that are in the same situation as you.

    Thanks again!
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