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    First, if you had bothered to read through the Ubuntu Forum post that I linked to, you would have found this:
    The 'fsam7400' module should deal with this on Ubuntu; if you run sudo rmmod
    ipw2200, and then sudo modprobe fsam7400, you should have files under /proc to
    manipulate your kill switch. Unfortunately we haven't worked out how to detect
    the presence of this kill switch (maybe unconditionally load fsam7400 before
    ipw2200?), so it isn't done automatically.
    So, I would try that first.

    I was able to finally compile the rfswitch modules. When I first tried, I got this error.
    /rfswitch-1.3/av5100.c:110: error: ‘proc_root’ undeclared (first use in this function)
    A little Googling and I found that I had to replace the two entries of "&proc_root" with "NULL" in the av5100.c and the pbe5.c files. Without the quotes, of course. It then compiled and installed just fine.

    You may not need to alter any files, as I have manually installed a very recent kernel.
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    Have a link for a tutorial on that?\
    edit: never mind, googled one, i'll find out.

    problem: when I try running sudo rmmod ipw2200, it says :
    ERROR: Module ipw2200 does not exist in /proc/modules

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    I've been working on the assumption that this was a working card, but now I wonder. Run this command and post the output. It will show all of the driver modules loaded on your system.
    I see that firmware is needed for this wireless to work. Do you have the proper firmware for your card? It can be found here:
    Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Driver Firmware
    Ubuntu does include some firmware, but I don't know if it includes the correct firmware for your card.

    I also found a README file on this driver:

    You should read through this file, but something interesting that I found is this:
    read -
    0 = RF kill not enabled (radio on)
    1 = SW based RF kill active (radio off)
    2 = HW based RF kill active (radio off)
    3 = Both HW and SW RF kill active (radio off)
    write -
    0 = If SW based RF kill active, turn the radio back on
    1 = If radio is on, activate SW based RF kill

    NOTE: If you enable the SW based RF kill and then toggle the HW
    based RF kill from ON -> OFF -> ON, the radio will NOT come back on
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