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    system hangs at startup

    tried to help a a friend with no internet yesterday, by phone. She wants to install wireless internet.
    She got this d-link g122 usb wireless stick.
    There was no windows .inf driver on the cd, so we couldn't use ndiswrapper, so i hoped it was just plug and pray.

    Plugged it in, and it shows up correctly in lsusb and iwconfig as wlan0.
    typed iwconfig wlan0 essid (networkname), go to network manager, the usb stick was disabeled there, and the eth1 was enabled. she disabled the eth1, but it refused to enable the wlan. Set the wlan to dhcp.

    But, then she did a restart, and when starting up, she said it comes alot info about dhcp, and system stopped at promt.
    Typed startx, and it started to complain about screen not found, xserver couldn't start.
    With no idea what to do, i asked her to type
    dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg (found that on a forum while we talked on phone)
    She got up lots of info, i didn't understand half of, so i just told her to press ok. Bad habbit from windows. just press ok, and hope)

    Then it hangs completely. can't write anything. Black screen, and in the midle of the screen it says "analog frequency 79.0"

    She has lots of documents on that machine, so can't just reinstall.

    Anyone? please, its a really nice girl..

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    Hi shinieb, Welcome to Linuxforums.
    It sounds to me like the Video card isn't cooperating here. You'll need to have her boot with a LiveCD, or the installer CD that was used to install the OS. Once you get that booted up, you'll need to know what kind of video card she has. This command will tell you the info you need.
    Please post the output of these commands here.
    lspci |grep VGA
    cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf |grep Driver
    If we can get the screen working, then we can move to the Wifi.
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