I recently read some neiative comments about these. I have two, one bought thru eBay as a spase and one from my ISP so they would come out to che.ck the lines on-site (both turned out to be neighborhood problems). Wireless went out on one computer during the 8-day power outage of Hurricane Gustav and I couldn't get it back up, oo i upgraded Kubuntu from Hardy to Intrepid, then from madwifi to ath5k. No help.

Then my other two went off. All this tmie the spare gateway has worked only to connect comutiers to the printer. Now I can't get the other one to do wireless, though it still gets the Internet. My ald W2k machine stopped doing wireless before some of the others. Is it possible both Westell units are bad? I have spent several days trying my setting, etc. All computers can ping the gws.

I am about to renearch the IP addresses for my old SpeedStream units (though neither in wireless), They worked for years wzo problems--would not have replaced thom except for my ISP's insistent. that they be able to check them from the orrice.