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    Edimax 7318UG wireless USB in PCLOS 2007

    Hi, I'm trying to get wireless to work with an Edimax 7318UG USB adapter on PCLinuxOS 2007. From what I've read it has the either of two infamous chipsets: rt73 and rt2571. When I used the LiveCD and after first installing the wireless network was detected but I couldn't connect. No matter what I did I could not set security to WPA. The settings kept reverting back to Open WEP. Itried the advice on this page:
    And blacklisted the following:
    blacklist rt2570
    blacklist rt2500usb
    blacklist rt73usb
    blacklist rt73
    After that I downloaded and installed the rt73 drivers from serialmonkey. I can't use ndiswrapper since I can't find the driver CD. After installing the serialmonkey driver I still got the same behavior, could detect network but could not change security settings nor connect. So I changed the settings on the router. Set SSID broadcast to on and security/encryption to none. After some fiddling I finally got a connection to the router, but couldn't browse the Internet. When I typed in IP addresses it worked fine so I tried to change DNS settings. No matter what I set DNS to it wouldn't work. I tried restarting the computer but after the restart I could not connect at all, even without security. So I dragged the whole setup and connected it to the router via Ethernet. After updating the system it seems to have gotten worse, now I can't detect the wireless network. Also, when I try deleting/reinstalling the wireless, it now lists two identical devices instead of just one. I tried the serialmonkey rt2570 driver but when I type "modprobe 2570" the computer just slows down horribly and I end up restarting it. Whew. Help!

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    First, don't install NDISwrapper yet. It will just make things harder to sort out.

    When you updated your system, it most likely installed a newer kernel. Any driver module that you compiled yourself will have to be done again for the new kernel.

    Before you do that, let's see if the newer kernel has better luck with the wireless. Remove the blacklisting that you previously did, and then reboot the system. Then run these commands, and post the output.
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    Hello, sorry for the late reply. For some reason I can't complete registration on the PCLOS Forum, so I decided to try other distros. I had video problems with Fedora 10 so I tried Mandriva 2009. Wireless worked out of the box. Isn't PCLOS based on Mandriva?

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    I'm not familiar enough with those distros to comment on them. As for the video problems, you may need to install a driver from the card's manufacturer.
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