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    D-Link WUA-1340 Support (rt73usb) CentOS 5.2


    I am new to CentOS 5.2. I have D-Link WUA-1340 wireless USB adapter that uses the rt73usb driver / module. At least I worked in Fedora 9 out of the box with that driver / module. I assume the Fedora 9 kernel supported it.

    I really do not want to try and add a custom kernel to my instalation but I am wondering how I can get this to work on centOS 5.2.

    I know first step is to get the adapter to be recognized by the system kernel. I think I can configure the network after that.

    Any help or direction is truly appreciated.

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    First, read this sticky, and provide the needed information:

    CentOS, a RHEL clone, is meant for server or business uses. There is not much use for wireless in these situations, so it usually isn't even included in the kernel. You can try enabling the CentOS Plus repository, and installing that kernel. But that will give you a customized kernel, and there is no guarentee that the rt73 driver is in that kernel either.

    You could also download the source and install it. A good way is to use the compat-wireless package form
    Download - Linux Wireless

    This will not only give you the rt73 driver, but many others too. It will have to be re-installed if you change kernels.

    This driver also requires firmware before it will work properly, info on that can be found here.
    rt73usb - Linux Wireless

    In fact, the driver could be loading, but the missing firmware could be your only problem.
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    DKMS and some charity?

    Unfortunately, the compat-wireless package is no good for Centos and other RHEL derivs: the kernel shipping with any v5 is still 2.6.18 (before we consider backports).

    I've been thinking about grabbing the (now stale) rt73usb driver from SF and using DKMS to build a replacement driver for that which is in the 5.3 now.

    DKMS just to ship a redundant kmod package? Yeah: it'll have the new IDs, it'll stay up to date with new shipping kernel RPMs, and it'll be a somewhat easier thing to install than sifting through a list of version-locked kmod packages. If the kernel's using the newer code, I can simply ship a DKMS with the updated IDs to overlay the one in there now with the older IDs. The goal is to get an easily-installed kmod package, so we can all go back to solving more important problems!

    That's the hope, anyway.

    If anyone's done this, drop me a note? If you're reading this message 4 months from now and there's no update, drop me a note too! With so many interesting projects I can work on, I can get side-tracked easily.

    (edit: fix driver name. argh)


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