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    tethering blackberry

    I need to know if any one out there knows anything about this? I have alltel and I tether my blackberry to connect to the "interweb" the program is a windows program and (i've called alltel) no version for linux I've tried wvdial and kppp I've run the "quicklink mobile through WINE it runs but does not detect the phone/modem. I travel a lot so this is my only connection and the only thing that keeps me "tethered" to windows any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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    Eight Easy Steps to tethering Blackberry 8820 in Linux

    Hi Folks
    I have just followed this article and successfully tethered my Blackberry 8820 in Fedora.
    Tethering Blackberry 8820 in Eight Easy Steps

    It would work for you as well.

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    thank you monster

    I was wondering if any one was ever going to reply to this. Currently I am using ubuntu 9.04 alpha 6 daily the berry suite is in the repos on this distro and with many developers working on this (there was an open beta test but I was too late) I think it will not be too long before this becomes standard. Right now I need it more then ever I'm moving again and losing my wifi so this will be the only way to connect for me. I am starting to see computers with linux at $170 or so less then their windows counterparts so hopefully after linux gets more of the market share there will be more thing like this available. Smithmicro (who makes quicklink mobile) was not vary friendly to me and told me "just use windows" strange the companies would rather bow to the MS machine the prehapes make a few bucks by making this for linux

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    It is fortunate to me that I can use unix systems in my workplaces, I have used windows machines also. No doubt that I have became one of the fans of Linux and open source things. On this situtaion, I faced problem with my blackberry. Its company does not have any support for Linux users. I had been looking around for this for at least seven months. Finding no way, I took VMWARE as a solution. But, I could not bare on that. Meanwhile, I have tried many times to tether my BB by using Barry distro. But Could not get that. Recently, I have successfully installed Barry and got connected into internet. Then I wrote the article into my blog codefighters. you can see this article. Hope this will work for you. I have used git to get Barry.

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    thank you

    Thank you for the reply your blog does not seem to be there I am still trying to get this going I,ve been away on business and the place my company had me in had free wifi so I put it on the back burner for a bit but I would still like more info on this

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    Unfortunately I have deleted that link.
    Try this way
    Copy the link location from the link by clicking right button on the link
    Place that into a browser and before hit enter edit the URL as follow:
    Replace blackberry-as-modem-with-grameenphone.html
    by this grameenphone-blackberry-as-modem-in.html

    and try, hope you will get the exact thing now.
    good luck and let me know for any help regarding this

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    no luck I will just have to hunt some I guess but thank you so much I would think more people out there would want to get this done with the usage caps and all you can still get unlimited usage with tethering 5GB for me would be more like a day not a month but think you again now I have a little time to work on this more I will post anything I can

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    mostanser: Why don't you post a copy of your Blackberry How-To here in the forum? Because of problems like sparky is having, and because of spammers, this is the preferred method.

    I have to admit that I did check your original link, to see if it was spam. If I had decided that it was, I would have deleted your posts and you would have been banned. The battle with spam is a VERY serious one!
    Please do not send Private Messages to me with requests for help. I will not reply.

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