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    Please Help! Ubuntu/How to Configure Wireless card??!

    Hey everyone, I've tried everything that a beginner can do. I just cant figure this out. I kinda want to give up and just delete linux. I FINALLY got ubuntu working on my laptop after a ton of research. But now I just CANNOT get my wireless card to work. I downloaded ndiswrapper common, utils, and ndisgtk and set up my .inf file with my wireless card, but then when I click "configure wireless card" It says there is NO configuration utility found or something like that. I dont know what to do now. I've read through alot of documentation and I looked up on ubuntus website and it says to go to:

    1. Open the Networking Admin tool (System | Administration | Networking), select the Wireless connection and click Properties, ensure the Enable roaming mode checkbox is ticked.

    but i dont have that!!! why not? how do i finish configuring my card? how do i search for networks in and around my house and school?

    Someone please give me some dumbed down answers. thanks alot!

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    first i would ask witch distro
    than i would ask witch wireless card
    and than i khan only say for the moment i have ultimate edition 2.0 (ubuntu 8.10)
    wireless card AR5007
    and dit this
    you can use this application "ndiswrapper standard installed" in ubuntu 8.10 and others to install the windows driver for your build-in wifi card.

    I have AR5007 and it is sin like e AR5006 in linux drivers.

    I used this .inf present in the tar.gz in this link

    Just open ndiswrapper en select via browse the net5211.inf file and apply.

    And it works perfectly

    good luck

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    NDISwrapper may not be the best way to get your wireless to work in Linux. I usually only recommend it as a last resort.

    Please read through this post:

    Wireless Setup - Start Here

    Then post the information that it says to obtain, here in this thread.
    Please do not send Private Messages to me with requests for help. I will not reply.

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    I have being learning e lot but for the moment its working fine for me but it is e windows driver .inf that makes it tik and i wont een windows free machine i love linux and his communities her is demo of my desktop also on my laptop i heve more or less the same configuration YouTube - mysuperlinuxpc and BadBowtie3 don't give up man it is worth it "the beginners pain".

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