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    Talking building antenna for WLAN

    hi everyone,

    i'm just an average joe living here in Canada and to put my problem in a nutshell, i'm just a guy trying to get better WLAN reception. since I'm not willing to either open up and mod my router nor spending >$50 for a good external antenna for my desktop, i thought i'd construct my own WLAN antenna. so I did some online researching and 2 different designs striked me as very attractive
    -- the DOUBLE biquad (a variation of your biquad and the wokfi antenna (

    so like a naive child i thought... what if i combine the two different designs? i have a mesh wok-shaped thingy, 20 cm in diameter, (ripped from an old portable electric fan) and i was thinking maybe i could use the DOUBLE biquad as a feeder for it. annd since the cone is a mesh, maybe the radio signal from it's back won't be deflected, but rather go pass right through enabling the feeder to pick i up additionally. i will then have a bi-directional WLAN antenna. so, what do you guys think? will it work? any comments?

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    If U want a parabolical antenna, I'd suggest using an old satelite dish (for more info, just ask)...
    As for the combining of the the bi-quad and the wok, the bi-quad has its dimensions and shape calculated, changing anything will most likely cause it to work best a different frequency than the 2.4GHz band...
    Unless U have an SWR meter, I strongly suggest finding an antenna design that suits your needs, there's quite a lot of them...

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