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    Sorry, YDL 6.1 reinstalled, still no internet?

    Just wondering if anyone would take some time to walk me through configuring my internet. I live in a house that has the internet controlled by the landlord. There are blocks on alot of things like the playstation network and stuff and it has a password. My ps3 can connect to the internet as it is so i think linux should. I just installed YDL 6.1 and followed the instructions on the linux site. new to linux maybe some help?

    and sorry im posting about this twice :S

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    i see my wireless network in the wicd manager and when i click connect after entering my password for it it just says connecting, getting ip adress then craps out. My network configuration says im not connected. I think i should make another wireless something or other.. i dont know. help?

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    There are different types of wireless encryption, like WPA and WEP. There are also sub types of WPA, like TKIP and AES.

    Do you know exactly what the wireless network uses?

    Wi-Fi Protected Access - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    I think that it is WEP. on OSX It says wep I think I'm sure it's whatver is most common? Is there any way of finding out? By the way my other computer is apple not windows.

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    You would have to get the info from the same place that you got the password from. In this case, it would be the landlord. You could also examine the connection information on one of the connected computers. It is my guess that you don't have the correct settings.

    It is also common to be using an incorrect password. Many previous posters have sworn to be using the correct password, only to later find that they were using the wrong password. So, MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT YOU ARE USING THE CORRECT PASSWORD!
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    when i go to configure my internet and it asks me to select ethernet adapter. why does it say ethernet? i want wireless... is that the router or what?

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    when i try to connect it authenticates then hangs up on getting an ip. But i think that might be because i dont have the card ethernet adapter thing a ma jigger configured properly... heres a screenshot...
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