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    Setting Up Wireless on a Laptop

    I have a Gateway P7811FX Laptop, on which I want to dual book Vista and Sabayan. The card is an Intel Wireless Wifi Link 5100, which I found linux drivers for. The file is a .tar.gz extension. I have the file, but its not an executable, and I'm not really sure how to run it. Any help on getting this card working in Sabayon would be greatly appreciated.

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    I don't have any specific knowledge of Sabayon. But the driver that you have is a compressed file that contains the source files for the driver. You need to unpack the file using the tar command. These then need to be compiled on the system that you will use it on.

    It really isn't that hard. You will need a few things installed first.

    kernel source
    kernel headers

    There may be others, this is just a general list. There should be a file inside of the driver files with the instructions, called README or INSTALL.

    Compiling from source is usually entails this process:
    In the terminal, change to the folder where the driver files are using the cd command. Then, as a regular user, enter this command:


    After it has completed, gain root privileges using sudo or su, and then enter this command:

    make install.
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