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    run the mobile connection program which you found in the menu. the flashing light is normal.

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    Tried to run it several times, I have taken vodafone off and put it back on but it still will not conect.

    I try to click on the icon but I only get the 'hour glass' then nothing!!!!!
    It works OK with the home hub but not with Vodafone

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    Is there an option for settings or configuration?

  4. $spacer_open
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    No, it just will not conect. The dongle works with 'Vista' so I do know that it works

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    I need to download this to help you I think..give me 24hrs, I'll get it and install it on a machine and see what I can do.
    Your dongle, although different model to mine, carries the same ID, so if mine will work, so will yours. It seems daunting but honestly it isnt really that hard. You'll only need to do it once, as it will be saved in your settings. I have found vodafone uk settings, I am assuming you are uk. I'm in Norwich uk

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    Username: web
    Password: web
    APN Host: pp.internet

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    What do I do with last info', ????

    Not sure where to insert it ?

    Username: web
    Password: web
    APN Host: pp.internet

    I am in Wales, Ithink that is in the UK

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    I really put that info on here for future reference, sorry didnt mean to confuse you.
    It will have to be in the mobile connection program to get you working. There must be an option for settings or configure or profile.

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    Wales is a beautiful part of the UK

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    Do you use msn, you can add me if you want

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