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    Can wicd scan channels 1 to 13?


    I just installed VectorLinux on an old Thinkpad T21. It picked up my Atheros card and wicd detected and connected to my WiFi net very smoothly (hidden SSID, WPA/PSK).

    However, it completely failed to find the next net I wanted to use (also hidden SSID, WPA/PSK).

    The second net is very similar to the first but while the first is on channel 1, the second is on 12 or 13 (these are legal in Europe). When I checked wireless-settings.conf I found channel = 1.

    My question is: Am I right - wicd is only looking on channel 1? How can I get the machine to easily connect to both nets? Hopefully there's some obscure wicd/wireless-settings.conf setting I can use? Or do I need to set up something to stop/re-config/re-start wicd maybe??


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    When I tried Red Hat on my Eee PC, I had to install Wicd for it's wireless support. I have only connected to my home network with it, so that is what my wireless-settings.conf file has. My access point is using channel 11, so that is what is in the file. I think that file is just storing the connection information.

    It should scan and then show all available networks. You can also do this in a terminal, using this command.
    iwlist scan
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    Thanks Paul, I'll try that... I doubt it'll find nets with hidden SSIDs though...

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    iwlist  channel
    on the command line. If it only shows 11 channels the put

    options cfg80211 ieee80211_regdom="EU"
    into /etc/modprobe.conf (this is in fedora but expect all dists to be the same).

    You will have to either reboot or reload the wifi modules (at least the cfg80211 module).
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    Blinky, you're a genuis! Thanks, worked a treat.

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