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    Unhappy please help me i faced big problem with rainbowtable wpa-psk

    hi evry one _first sorry for my english_........oh thanks god finaly i downloaded 33 gb wpa-psk rainbow table
    when i open the dictionary it is compressed (.lzma) and in the file it is (.rar) and the dictionary is 39 gb before compress and i dont know how to crack wpa-psk wpa2 with rainbow table ,i heard about program in backtrack it is cowpatty i test it and read information about it but idont understand any thing

    my question:
    how crack wpa with rainbow table note that i collect the handshake of wpa and i have bt3?
    note that i test cowapty
    I'am stress now and after much more time I will be crazy
    any way...
    My problem is in that dictionary, the dictionary has 9 files (xaa-0,xab-0,xac-0,xad-0,xae-0,xaf-0,xag-0,xah-0,xai-0)
    and inside every folder has 114 files!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The name of all files like (2WIRE001,2WIRE002,2WIRE003,2WIRE004........etc)
    Every file is a dictionary and if I want to precomputing wpa for every dictionary file I will take 1 Year!
    bt xxa-0# genpmk -f 2WIRE001 -d hashfile -s sigma
    hope you understand
    and I have another problem what is (-s) Meaning?
    is it essid for my network (name) or the file (SSID.txt) that came with the dictionary or the (charsets.txt) and another problem I have it
    when I type Example:
    genpmk -f 2WIRE001 -d hashfile -s sigma
    genpmk 1.0 - WPA-PSK precomputation attack. <>
    File mlook does not exist, creating.
    kثBًY)00000011U~07خ!3eسRقr ث ٌن؟
    key no. 200: @Iآه^)00443443ش+ہ}JNھ*
    key no. 300: =#.ْجإ?ؤM؛دKْ?ٍn/)01031967
    key no. 400: yزV)01542000ٍsn]زُ(Tt،~}ل`*Y~م2ظؤ)01544534ّآمآd
    key no. 500: غُ)02190219\$ؤلqتE(ٌھِ‎
    key no. 600: زؤ]و+DJ)03256838آكA*;sئ$بمC؛ْ*طًv!ا7)03 2576
    key no. 700: 5ٌXِnغC‏أ{ يُ)04191978}>حهץُE1‏1EدضS'
    key no. 800: +052052200
    key no. 900: ّdFD>FT)06211973XdPOWLpR]0حuہ)*/,ر+طB(9ذ)06212000b3
    key no. 1000: eCg}\@;؟8VE)07620351ـUp)خlPاn]vZفظ6]bhyصU
    key no. 1100: ہ@{aھرُcبO_%Tظئل)0848pinem\N,ن:ہUسق;هM إّ]
    key no. 1200: 10‎دQ5دئLّ!vwش'Fnا#.0977cancelledشجB#ٌبK
    key no. 1300: dھ*n*إQF_?`+Yrَ 0<?آ+0dbmnd68dgل;‏5ظFGEّR
    key no. 1400: جrnٌo2.)10044001)ے\5!Nنظuغ9pہج
    key no. 1500: 59021uhوئI1رVrقظ)ً5ُ@،ِحہ)10159999‎!أ7oكي'3O#?
    key no. 1600: B?IFتطىح`ٍأ
    key no. 1700: gص6d2
    ************************************************** *****
    what the hell is thaaaaat??????

    hope you all my brother help me i tired i tired really i tired

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    You do realize that we cannot help you connect to a network that you don't have permission to connect to. I believe that it is actually illegal to do this.

    You may be trying to run this on your own network (but why), but we have no way of knowing if you are telling the truth.
    Please do not send Private Messages to me with requests for help. I will not reply.

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    why remote exploit forums helps me and you not ?????

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