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    I'm too stubborn to know when to call it quits.

    If those scripts work with the Novaltel U727 then I'm in business but I still have a mount issue. That link says the scripts will only work if the modem is mounted. I clicked on "mount" earlier and it didn't seem to do anything.

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    The solution!

    Okay, I got it! I didn't use that script though, the actual solution was much simpler.

    First of all, the instructions on the Sprint site are totally wrong, so forget about that....

    All you have to do, is stick in the card, run the command "lsusb" to make sure the card is being detected; if not, reboot. Then once it is showing up, type the command "sudo modprobe option". Your connection will show up in network manager. Connect.

    Just too easy! Now all I need to do is spend the next two days downloading all my stuff back....

    You might want to Sticky this, for the next person who has trouble.

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    Hmm.. actually, this doesn't seem to be over yet. It looks like I was only half done. I had the irritating problem of having to boot into windows to get the drivers, then re-booting into Linux for it to realize there's a connection available. But, I did get Kppp to work for a proper install- sort of. Anyone who has experience with it, or Gnome PPP: perhaps you can help me out real quick.

    The card is connecting to the network with Kppp. The problem is that when I bring up Firefox, it gives the "no page to display" error message, like it isn't connected. Yet, if I click the VPN logo at the bottom and click "connect", I can use FF. Why doesn't Kppp work like this? Everything seems to be working right... do I need to configure something to make FF work properly?

    Am I better off with Gppp?


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