I'm back!
After getting my wireless working, I thought all was well. But I decided to wipe my drive to get rid of the strange partitioning scheme I had going. So I re-installed Fedora 10, and set-up my wireless. This time, I went straight to the RaLink site for the drivers and such for my RT2860 chip. Actually, had a far easier time getting it going with this driver!
lsmod shows modules getting loaded on boot. I have the wireless card set to activate on start-up with DHCP. Also controlled by Network Manager. Here is the output of dmesg | grep firmware:
firmware: requesting intel-ucode/06-0f-0d
firmware: requesting intel-ucode/06-0f-0d
However, every time I re-boot or lock the screen, I lose internet connection. Simple enough to just restart the network, but I would prefer not to have to.
Any tips?