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    having kismet problem

    I don't know what it means when I get "" on some things (as seen in my screenshot here: i44.tinypic. com / x3egsn . jpg

    (sorry for those extra spaces)

    This site is being stupid and won't let me link to it.. but it's the official kismet site under "documentation"

    At section 2a. it says:

    * Download Kismet from the dl page
    * Run ``./configure''. Pay attention to the output! If Kismet cannot
    find all the headers and libraries it needs, it won't be able to do
    many things.
    * Compile Kismet with ``make''

    The bolded part is the part which I cannot do, presumably because I'm getting "" on those.

    I've searched around but all I can find was that there is/was a package installer for it which did it easily, but I cannot find it now. The only one which shows up on the package installer is SWScanner, but it's not working and I'm not even sure if it does what I need it to do anyways.

    Please help me... I just need to get the SSID of one router and I'll be happy.

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    It is checking for prerequisites that are needed to compile the program. Usually you can just install the missing program.

    If all you want is to show a list of available wireless connections, use this command.
    iwlist scan
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