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    Connection speed problem

    [I don't know if this is a hardware or software (or networking) problem, so please re-direct me if necessary]

    I dual booted my laptop with XP and Linux Mint (basically Ubunty Jaunty). WIRELESS SPEED in the house is now the problem.

    Best example I can give is that Firefox works well (FAST) in both XP and Linux Mint when the computer is hooked directly to the router, and it also works fast in XP when wireless, BUT, Firefox, and everything else online, works very slow on Linux Mint.

    Have been to about:config regarding disabling IPv6, but haven't (don't know how to) blacklist.

    I realize it could be a problem with drivers, and worked with ndiswrapper and all that stuff, about two years ago but have forgotten it all)

    Have been to many by Googling: linux slow wireless, so I know the problem is out there

    Any help greatly appreciated,

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    If you post the output of the lspci command , to display the wifi card in your system (assuming you are using a pci wifi card.) and the output of lsmod to display which drivers are in use someone may be able to help you.

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    Probable solution

    For those having trouble with WIRELESS SPEED, I have found at least a partial answer, especially when you have a dual boot system, and Windoze is fast, but Linux is slow. The problem is likely due to drivers, or the wlan card itself. Mine is a Ralink RT2500 based wireless card, but there are also sites that describe Broadcom drivers with same problem. The fellow at the link below used it with Jaunty and Xubuntu, and it worked for me with Linux Mint on my Averatec laptop.


    1) How to solve the problem temporarily, but quickly (you'll love it if it works.
    This is the only part I have done so far because I have a lot going on right now.

    Open a terminal, and enter the code:

    sudo iwconfig wlan0 rate 11M

    The next line will probably ask you for your password, and when you enter it it will not show, even dots, but go ahead and enter it. Now check your speed by going to your browser and seeing how fast pages download.

    The problem with this "fix" is that you must do it everytime you turn on the computer, therefore, fix number two, which I haven't done yet, but I will send the link to the page where it is described. If you do do it, and it works well, let me know the problems you found, as I am a newby.

    2) How to change the system

    the link is:
    (wouldn't let me post it)

    If this forum won't let me post link cuz I'm too new, Google the following, WITH QUOTES, and you should get the link.

    "laptop with integrated Ralink RT2500 based wireless card"

    Hope this helps, let me know.

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    Thanks for the info!

    We had to limit link posting by new members, because spammers were abusing the privilege. I'll post the link for you:

    [all variants] HOW-TO: the Wicd solution to the RT2500 slow connection problem - Ubuntu Forums

    You may be able to increase your speed even greater than 11 Mb/s. To see possible rates that your connection can handle, use this command.
    iwlist wlan0 scan
    You may be able to set it at 54 Mb/s.
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    Thanks so much, my machine is flying now! Do you think the rest of that link is well advised? I am truly a newby, but "learn by doing", and love tutorials that just walk you thru. (I also have a great memory). Thanks again ht

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    I think that Wicd is a great Connection Manager. I just installed it on another system that has an Atheros wireless, and uses the ath9k driver. When I used Networkmanager, it kept dropping the connection. I have had no such problems with Wicd.

    BTW, my Eee PC Atheros wireless (ath5k) seems to have a variable rate. It changes depending on the load. Maybe the rt2500 driver is suppose to do the same. I set mine to 54 Mb/s, and it is staying that way. I don't see a big difference in performance, though.
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