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    Can’t connect to my WPA secured wireless network

    I just installed Debian Lenny on my Dell latitude D610. I am dual booting with XP. The installation went great. I downloaded the firmware for the Intel Pro 2200BG wireless card. The problem that I’m having is connecting to wireless networks. My network has WPA security enabled. I can connect to a neighbor’s network that has no security. I don;t think he would appreciate me using up his bandwidth! But I don’t have the option to connect to my secured network. It is listed when I scan for networks using KWifi Manager but the “Switch to Network” button is grayed out for all secured networks. Is there something that I need to do to enable the ability to connect to a secured wireless network? I appreciate any help!

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    I'm not familiar with kwifi, but in my opinion, WICD is the best network manager available. Especially the latest release, which has a ncurses interface as well as a GUI interface. I would give that a go. Also, do you have wpasupplicant installed?

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    I'll check out WICD.

    It sounds like WPASupplicant could be my problem. As far as I know it isn't installed. I'll look into that. I appreciate the quick response and thank you very much for the help!!


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    It might be called wpa_supplicant too, it varys from distro to distro. Good Luck.
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    I also recommend using Wicd.

    I believe that Wicd uses wpa_supplicant to connect to WPA encrypted networks too. But I think that it provides it's own version of wpa_supplicant. You don't need to install it as a prerequisite.
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    THanks for all of the help! I did some checking and founs that I had WPASupplicant installed already. SO, I installed WICD. My network was recognized but when I tried to connect to it I got an error message saying Security must be enabled. I did some Googling and found out how to enable security in WICD. Once I did that I coneected and have had no problems since. Thanks again for all of your help!!

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    That is good news!

    If you could explain the steps you took to enable security in Wicd, ity could help others with the same problem.
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