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    Wireless broadband net connect modem not detected

    I have Ubuntu 9.04 . I have bought a new reliance broadband+ . When i plug it,its not detecting. I am unable to use that. My modem is HUAWEI EC1260. And I am new to linux. So please help me.

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    Is this an External or USB modem?
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    ^It's external usb modem, data card type.

    What do you see if you execute command
    tail /var/log/messages
    After connecting the modem?

    Tried wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf?

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    In Ubuntu 9.04, you should be able to use NetworkManager to connect.

    Right-click the NetworkManager icon, found next to the Date/Time. Select "Edit Connections", then select the "Mobile Broadband" tab. The click the "+Add" button, a "New Connection Wizard" should start up. Input the proper info for your device and account.

    Edit: It is possible that your provider isn't listed. You will then have to select an existing provider, and edit it to create a new one. According to this blog, it should work out-of-the-box on 9.04:

    Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ (Wireless broadband) + Linux An Idea

    Here is some more info, if you use wvdial:

    How to use Reliance Broadband+ Netconnect with Ubuntu Linux - Reliance Broadband Plus - Mobile Broadband 3G India - Forum India
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    Sir i tried the first link. But when i typed lsusb i got 12d1:140b instaed of what they specified. So i was not able to connect.. Reply to this sir.. plz...

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    Its a usb type modem sir...........

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    This modem is reported to work out-of-the-box on Ubuntu 9.04. When you plug it in, a CDMA connection configuration box should pop up. I take it that this is not happening for you?

    This should be covered under the option driver, but the How-To link says to use the usbserial driver, loaded with the specific modems options. You can try, using your cards USB ID number.
    sudo modprobe usbserial vendor=0x12d1 product=0x140b
    If you get an error after doing this, post the error here. You may then need to remove the modem and re-insert it.
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    I dont get any pop up box. Moreover i tried that command. But it said "FATAL: usbserial not found"...

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    Try this command, it will give you info on the module and show the location of it.
    modinfo usbserial
    If it gives a location, look in that folder to see if it is actually there.
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    I tried installing wvdial from the cd. But i couldnt. The cd was what i got by subscribing for free. The modem is usb type. Its not at all detecting the usb. It has a memory allotted in it. I couldnt acces that also.

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