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    Wireless internet connection problem


    I am new to Linux and have just received my new dual boot Kubuntu 9.04 / XP laptop. I can connect to my Belkin wireless router with XP, but not with Kubuntu.

    I have followed the instructions on the sticky on wireless setup.

    Attached is the wireless_setup.txt output file and results for iwlist scan


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    Well, everything looks fine from what you posted. I assume WLAN is the name of your wireless network?

    What encryption are you using? WPA, WEP?

    It seems a lot of people have trouble connection with networkmanager. I would try using WICD instead and see if that helps.

    wicd - download

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    Yes, I recommend using Wicd too. You should be able to install it using the Kubuntu package manager, Adept.

    Sometimes I recommend installing the latest wireless drivers, but for my Atheros wireless it made it worse. My wireless is using the ath9k driver, like yours is.
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    Righto, newb alert...

    I have no idea what encryption I am using, nor do I no what wcid is. I have downloaded a file called:


    I tried installing it with Adept, (a package manager?). But I could not find this file in any list of applicationsin Adept, nor was there a browse function to find the .deb file.

    How do I find out what encryption I am using and how do I install wcid using Adept?

    Yours in blissful ignorance,


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    WICD is a wireless connection manager, and often works better than the default connection manager in Kubuntu/Ubuntu.

    Starting with 9.04, it should be in the Ubuntu repositories. Make sure you have the Universe section enabled. More info on repos:

    It looks like the file you downloaded is from the Ubuntu site? So you're just kinda doing it the round-a-bout way. You should just be able to double click on the file to open an installer for it, but otherwise, from the command line
    sudo dpkg -i /path/to/wicd_1.5.9-2_all.deb
    Replacing the /path/to with the actual path to your file.

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