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    using Linux laptop to connect to windows operated home computer

    I am starting a new thread because I believe that this is an entirely different issue than the one I had before. (see New to linux and can't connect to the Internet).

    In summary, I installed linux over Windows XP. I found out that my wireless card needed to be configured for linux and that I had to download and install some stuff off the Internet to do that. Two full days later...some very helpful people on this forum were able to assist me in getting my wireless card configured for linux. All that is now water under the bridge, i believe.....

    My new issue is actually connecting to my home network and staying connected. When I first turn on my laptop I get a message box asking for me to enter my authentication key and then press connect. I do this. I get connected. Signal strength is very good. Then after 2 minutes it disconnects. Up pops the message box again asking me to enter my authentication key. I enter it and press connect. ...nothing happens. No connection is established and the message box reappears after some time.

    In order to get a connection again I have to restart my computer and reenter the authentication key, then press connect. This works every time, initially, and every time I get about 2 minutes of surfing before it disconnects.

    Does my problem have to do with the fact that my home computer connection is Windows XP? Is there a way to configure my network settings to get around this?

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    If I recall, you are using Ubuntu. This may be a bug in the NetworkManager program, used to connect. I have been recommending that users install Wicd for nework connections.

    When you have an internet connection, open the Synaptic package Manager. Find Wicd, and install it. It should automatically uninstall NetworkManager. There should now be a Wicd icon for connecting to networks.
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    It doesn't appear that I have Wicd. I must have looked three times. I'm sure it isn't there. In alphabetical order the list follows:

    In the section Networks there is a list of other things. Are any of these things similar to wicd?

    You did say to connect to the Internet and THEN look in Symantic Package Manager for wicd, but this morning I can't even get the 2 minutes each reboot that yesterday graced me with. Is there a way to get this package from a download online?

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    Try another method to install Wicd. Go to this section:


    In the Internet section, there should be a listing for "Wicd Network Manager"
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    It isn't there either. i went to and got Wicd 1.5.9 from the download section. Now that I have it on my laptop and try to install it, I get an error message that says that it conflicts with Network manager. I am not allowed to install.

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    Yes, you will have to uninstall NetworkManager first, then. When you use Synaptic it takes care of this stuff for you.

    I installed using a DVD, so there are more applications that I can install. If you used the CD, it needs the internet to then get more apps.
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    Ok, before I do this, I need to make sure I understand the process so I don't create a problem for myself. Tell me if you think I have an error here.

    Using my home computer, which has Internet, I went to for my wicd download. I put the download onto my usb and then transferred it to my Linux laptop HOME folder. It is sitting there waiting to be installed.

    Now I am going to remove Network Manager. Once I remove it, if I click on my wicd download file it should install without any problems. This is all I have to do?

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    That sound's correct. If it doesn't work, you will want to re-install NetworkManager. It may keep a copy of it after you uninstall it, but you may want to download a NetworkManager installation package too.
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