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    Interference from other wireless networks?

    I just want to raise the issue, which I am pretty sure caused me some grief, for a while, and may still be doing so. Definitely something to watch out for.

    If you live in close proximity to other households, then it is very possible that their wireless network can intrude into your space. So you need to be aware, and make sure you know which network you are connecting to.

    One strategy is to not go with the default out of the box wireless name name and tcpip configuration of your router. To minimize the possibility of connecting to the wrong network

    I know that somewhere near to me is someone else's wireless router. Frequently I can see the network using my network monitor, and I suspect that it can soemtimes interfere with my network connection, but really I don't know that for sure.

    Perhaps some of the network experts here have something to say about that.

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    Set your access point to a different channel than their's. You can determine the channel used with this command.
    iwlist scan
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    Also remember that on B (11Mbps) and G (54Mbps) channels overlap. 1, 6 and 11 are the best channels to use as they do not overlap. Also if you have your device configured to use both B and G and some one connects with B then everyone is dropped to a B speed connection.


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    Thanks for the tips on channels, guys, I'll look into it asap and let you know how it goes.

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