Ok Im sorry if this may be a double post, Im getting a bit confused here with the places that I've asked for help.

I've got wicd manager installed and when ever I go to cafe's where they have free wifi access, they give me the wep or whatever code it is, but my pc only ever connects when there is no security enabled, like in Macdonalds in france. Once,- I got it connected to a friends wpa connection but at first it would not connect, then I went and sat right next to the box, dont really know what I did, but then it connected all of a sudden.
What does the order of sequence mean? I dont know what a pre-connection script is, or a post-connection script, or a disconnection script. I dont know if I should be using pre shared key or passphrase or I.p. static. or dns static. Its got me going crazy and also the poor bird working in the cafe. She hadn't a clue either. Please can anyone help with this and tell me what Im doing wrong?

.....Ive been thinking. I little while ago I tried to make a usb wireless adapter work because I wanted to try out other distros that did not support the wirless that this pc has (broadcom 4312) I tried installing many different drivers from ralink, but without sucess. Now could this be whats screwing me now? I just came from another place with security enabled on their wifi, they gave me the code, and still the pc will not connect. Is there a way that I can get rid of any changes I've inadvertantly made and go back to as it was before I started messing? Or would it be better to do a re-install of the system. Can I do a ''repair'' from the cd? Thanks loads if anyone can help.