i use dell vostro 1510, in which i have both windows xp and opensuse 11.1.i got a evdo card from BSNL (an ISP) which is a wireless card that can be connected through a usb port to access the internet. i am able to browse the net in windows,but not from opensuse.
when i give the command 'wvdial' i get messages as follows
unable to lookup 'my distros homepage"

nameserver (dns) failure,you may not be able to connect

connected.... press Ctrl+c to exit"

i googled a lot, many were in opinion to change the dns ip in "/etc/resolv.conf" to some openDNS ip, i even tried it ,but i still got the same message.
But i read in one of the blog posts(Solution to DNS failure in SuSE 10.2) written by a person who had a similar problem said that his once he started his 'dhcpcd' was started the problem got solved.i donot know how to start 'dhcpcd' either.
now i do not know how solve my problem,it would be of great help if somebody points me in the right direction