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    Hi Barry -- Well, I tried that. There were 5 Raylink wlan drivers. I tried them all, but none of them worked. Also, I didn't see a wlano button. There was just a list of drivers. I selected the wlano ones one at a time and clicked on load. Didn't see a dhcp button either, just a box that came up after I hit load with an OK button in it to test the driver. Was I in the right place? What's next, the static IP method? Thanks for all your help so far. I'm going to bed. You're probably already there. Talk to you in the morning


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    Jim, I am pretty busy today and tomorrow, My suggestion in the meantime is to burn a Xubuntu CD from one of the links I gave you. Preferably from the Xubuntu 9.10 since the newer kernel in it has good wireless support. I wish I was physically present to see what is going wrong with your attempts at connecting up Puppy. Your last post suggests you are going about connecting up all wrong and short of me being there to point out what to click on. I can't be of much help. Puppy takes a little skill in connecting up wireless versus Xubuntu. And you being a Novice. Either ask how to connect at the Puppy Linux forum Link I gave you. Or give Xubuntu 9.10 a go. Sorry Life has gotten in the way of me helping you. Wish I could do more for you.
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    Hi Barry, No problem on you being busy. I know what you mean. I was working on my truck wiring in between playing with the Puppy. I've been checking out the Puppy forum and one guy suggests sticking a newer kernal into it. I'll probably look into that a little, but might end up going to Xubuntu 9.0 per your suggestion. Thanks for all your help and keep the wheels pointing down on those Harleys.


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