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Thread: Sd WiFi Card

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    Sd WiFi Card

    Sorry new to the forums so if this isn't a good place for this thread don't hurt me. let just say i'm new to linux because I really don't know a whole lot, though interested. took a class on unix and command line, still hardly can do much but i just really like the idea of minimizing and stripping down to the bare minimums and would love to function normally with command line.

    First i'm looking for a linux distro that can support a wifi sd card.

    Second i'm looking for the smallest disco that can support that sd card. like less then 200mb

    the computer im looking at has a 500mhz processor (probably underclocked), 256mb flash memory, unknown ram at this point probably minimal, and the sd card for input

    I've look at DSL, Knoppix, Puppy, xandros, Ubuntu and a few others for something like the EEEPC and its Wireless card though they either would be too much bulk or don't offer enough wireless support that im aware of.

    any suggestions or comments would be greater appreciated.

    The goal of this really is to hack an original kindle to read emails, read outline newspapers, blogs without having to use whispernet as there are fews that go along with those which seems pretty ridiculous. with the release of several new kindles im hoping the price will do down low enough to make something of a single or several function tablet pc. (I like the QWERTY keyboard lol)

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    I'm not too familiar with SDIO wireless cards, but assuming there is a linux driver for the wireless chipset, it should work. Without knowing the chipset of the card, we can't guess which distros support it.

    Atheros has apparently been involved in an open source project to expand linux support for SDIO cards.Opensource Linux SDIO Stack

    Someone did successfully hack a kindle to run Ubuntu 9.04.
    Amazon Kindle 2 Hacked to Run Linux - Kindle linux - Gizmodo

    I would assume they used the minimal ubuntu image, which might be an option.

    Otherwise, something like a small Slackware or Arch linux install might work.

    For very small distros, there's TinyCore and Slitaz. (DSL isn't maintained anymore.)
    SliTaz GNU/Linux (en)
    Tiny Core Linux, Micro Core Linux, 10MB Linux GUI Desktop, Live, Frugal, Extendable

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