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    Ubuntu Netbook Remix Internet Death

    I have an HP netbook with Ubuntu Netbook Remix. When I put the netbook on Suspend, the netbook wasn't going back on, so I shut it down by holding the on-off switch for 5 seconds. When I turned it back on, the internet was working, but after I logged in, Wireless was disabled with no option to turn it back on. I also cannot get into my BIOS options screen, although I can reach a command prompt from the boot screen.

    Thanks ahead for any help.

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    Hello, my Mom's HP mini actually has a physical switch on the front to toggle wifi on and off. Maybe yours got turned off, hers had a orange/red light when it was off and a blue light when it was on. If there is not a switch see if there is a fn key combination to toggle wifi on and off.

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    There may also be a setting in the BIOS too as there is with the Eee PC
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    The light was orange and wouldn't change when I flipped the switch. I haven't been able to get into BIOS, but a friend of mine has had the same problem and worked it out. Apparently you have to turn it off, take the battery out, and hold the on switch for 45 seconds. Some kind of "Static Drain." Since the suspend is a semi-reboot option, some non-file info can be lost, in this case leading to the wireless card disabling itself.

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    When it goes into "suspend" or "hibernate", it does this to conserve power. One of the ways it does this is to disable the wireless card. You may want to disable the wireless card before allowing it to go into hibernation.

    If there is no switch, then maybe there is a shortcut key to do this. It is usually a combination of the Fn key plus the designated wireless key. It is also possible that this will disable the wireless, but be unable to turn it back on. A reboot would then be necessary to restore the wireless. The problem stems from the fact that it may be actually unloading the wireless driver module. Because of module inter-dependencies, it then has trouble reloading the module. After re-enabling the wireless, a reboot is needed to straighten things out.

    If you can live without it, then disable the sleep and suspend functions.

    System--> Power Management
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