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    I'm not particularly familiar with OpenSuse or Yast, but normally, if you're using DHCP and not a static address, you just need to select your wireless network, put in the encryption type and key, and you're done. What sort of encryption are you using?

    I can tell you from the command line, if you're using no encryption or WEP, you can just do
    su -
    iwconfig wlan0 essid "karlandgeorges" key <hex key>
    dhclient wlan0
    or key s: <string> if your WEP is not in hex.

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    Ok. Well I think something is happening as my wireless light is now lighting up on my laptop. I thought that I had done the network settings but obviously not.

    I now just need step by step guide what to enter in the network settings proxy and domain names ip address Im used to the wizards doing it all for me.

    Do u think if I was to hardwire that it will configure itself?

    I am using a wep key

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    Once you have the network manager opened, you should be able to just enter the info for your network, as suggested by ree9... network name, security type and security key. As well as whether or not you use static IP, or DHCP.

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    I believe that you still need to configure the card in YaST. From what I remember, these are the settings that you want:

    Use NetworkManager to control the card (not ifup/ifdown)
    Don't startup at boot. (It will just hang up because it needs a password)
    Use DHCP
    Use DNS
    Set Default Gateway

    The Default Gateway is important. It should be the IP address of your router.
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