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    Wink About to install Ubuntu, but conerned about my network adapter...

    I use a network card which is known as DWA-552. It works fine with my current Windows XP installation, but I'm running some tests for my future with Linux (I'm getting a netbook in a year or so and I'm wondering if I should stick with Windows or go with Linux. My plan is to use my new computer for everyday stuff and keep my current desktop for experimenting.) I searched the WiFi documents on Ubuntu's site for DWA-552 and here's what it said (can't post links) :

    * WifiDocs
    * Device
    * DWA-552

    This page is my experience with the DWA-552, aka D-Link Xtreme N Desktop Adapter

    Intrepid Ibex (8.10)

    Works... But Causes 64bit and 32bit to experience freezing up completely. Use ndiswrapper method below to fix in 32bit, the fix for 64bit is unknown.

    Hardy Heron (8.04)


    Phail. I tried this guide for madwifi: (another link) It doesn't work.


    Ndiswrapper seems to work (albeit, not very well. See Intrepid). Get the drivers here: (link to card dribvers)

    For reference, I'll post the directions I have on using ndiswrapper:

    First check to make sure ACX is not installed

    lsmod | grep ACX

    * If you get output, then you will have to find a different guide for help. This guide assumes you get no output.

    Install the drivers

    sudo ndiswrapper -i /location_of_your_wireless_driver/netathw.inf

    Make sure to choose the driver without the x. The x is for windows 98. I suspect that the drivers for windows 2000/XP are better.

    sudo ndiswrapper -l

    sudo modprobe ndiswrapper

    Set ndiswrapper to load on startup

    sudo ndiswrapper -m

    gksudo gedit /etc/modules

    Add the following module to the list


    Now you can configure your wireless card with ifconfig and iwconfig, or other utility.

    WifiDocs/Device/DWA-552 (last edited 2009-02-26 21:56:25 by Michael Morris)

    * Page History
    2 problems here: I don't know if this is accurate because I plan to use Karmic Koala rather than Intrepid Ibex. If this happens to be the case with Karmic Koala, then I might not use Ubuntu at all on the computer (I'm poor so I can't get a new card. ) Also, another noob question: how well does Ubuntu connect to the internet on netbooks?

    Please help me, because if I can't connect to the internet with Linux then I have no choice but to abandon it. I really, really want to try open-source OS's (my entire XP installation is running open-source programs and not having to pay to use my computer would be great.)

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    Easy way to find out is just download and burn a Live CD of Ubuntu 9.10 and see if it connects running in live cd mode.

    No need to install yet. Just test drive it and see what is what. We can help you once you are running in Live Mode. Just wade in the shallow waters of Linux first before striking out into deeper waters. Happy Trails, Rok

    DWA-552 Works!!! Finally - Ubuntu Forums

    From Ubuntu forums 2009
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    From Mint Forums. Mint is just like Ubuntu with codecs (generalzation) Linux Mint Forums • View topic - HOWTOlink DWA-552, 556 +more Atheros chipsets with Madwifi
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
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    Thanks roky. Turns out I downloaded the wrong kernel for my PC (I needed the i386 but I downloaded the other one.) Once the the file comes in, I'll burn a new CD and try out Ubuntu live. I'll update later.

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    I would be careful about advice in posts more than a few months old. Linux is a rapidly advancing operating system, so old posts may not contain the best advice.

    One difference that I see is the reference to the Madwiwfi drivers. They are no longer the best option for Atheros type devices. Also, do not install NDISwrapper, unless we recommend that you do so.
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    I just did a quick look at the Ubuntu LiveCD. It connected to my network! I still want to do some tests with it though (it's late and I just wanted to check if it would connect.) Tomorrow I will use Firefox and see if it's alright on the web part.

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