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    The patches are actually modifying the driver's source file, ar5523.c. Since the developers could just change the file and not have patches, it must mean that you don't need all of the patches. They are meant for certain systems. Which patches are needed is a mystery to me.

    Anyway, I was looking at the ar5523.c file. There is a section where it lists the USB ID's of the devices that it supports. Your device's USB ID is not in the list. Even if you were able to build it, it would not recognize your device as using this driver!

    Your device could be added to the list, and it may or may not work. But first you have to be able to build it!
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    Oh wow, what a mess! Thank you for the explanation though--at least now I understand what's going on.

    I will keep working on it I suppose, and try the different kernels.

    I wonder why none of this about the patches was mentioned in the Debian wiki instructions.

    Oh well. I appreciate your efforts.

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    If you are really interested in getting this driver to work, you should contact the developers. The only way I know of is to join the driver developers mailing list. There is a brief mention of it on this page:

    ar5523 - Linux Wireless

    They just link to this page:

    devel Info Page

    I checked the mailing list archive, and only found one or two mentions of this driver. None concerning build problems.

    Compiling ar5523 on 2.6.31-15 kernel

    You may also be interested in this:

    Atheros Linux wireless drivers home page - and two new driver projects
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