Hey friends. I've been having a lot of grief with ndiswrapper lately. I have the latest versions of ndiswrapper-common, ndiswrapper-utils, and ndisgtk installed. When I open ndisgtk, the window comes up just gray with nothing in it, and the title bar becomes grayscale too. On the console, ndiswrapper -l as well as lsusb hang until I kill the terminal. If I don't get this fixed I'll have to crawl back to Windows.

I had this problem earlier, so I uninstalled each of those packages and then reinstalled them. It almost worked fine - hardware present, lsusb returning just fine, but the card never became wlan0. I did a modprobe ndiswrapper and then restarted - it had the exact same problem as before I uninstalled the packages. I'm getting pretty sick of this, and I need this computer. Wired connection is not an option there.

Any ideas?