Hello - I have two Fedora #14 computers with cat 5 ethernet connection to a 'Qwest Actiontec' modem/router. Both machines work fine with the "personal file sharing' app included with the F14 op sys install (as well with internet access). A third computer was also part of the well working 'team' until the ethernet connection on the computer failed. In order to keep up the full usage of the machine (until I can replace the motherboard) I hooked up a TRENDNET wireless usb plugin device. This receives the same service from the Qwest isp via the same modem which has a wireless antenna in addition to four RJ45 receptacles. Internet use is flawless however, now I can not use the wireless computer for the personal file sharing activities. I would like to get all three machines communicating with each other again with the Personal File Sharing app.
Is this something that is possible to do?
I am still a newbie but I follow directions well. Thanks, Jared