I have been only partly successful in rooting this netbook.
lspci -knn returns "not found"
/sbin/lspci -knn returns "not found"
lsusb returns "not found"
/sbin/lsusb returns "not found"
lsmod - rt3070sta 631556 0 - Live 0xbf3070000
mail 83324 4 -Live 0xbf1b6000
ufsd 305168 0 - Live 0xbf166000
viqe 16360 0 - Live 0xbf15d000
TCC8900_nand 1408104 2 - Live 0xbf000000
dmesg - scrolls rapidly through several pages, ending with a repeating Alsa debug msg (can't scroll up to see what was on the first few pages, is there a stop control that will just list 1 page at a time until I hit space bar?)
dmesg | grep firmware - brings back the #on a new line, no output
uname -r - "uname not found"

From the units system info I found:
Firmware 2.6 update 1
Kernal 2.6.29 hengai@Liv-And-ser #5021
Build # Telechips_tcc8900_multi_eng 2.1 update 1 Eclair eng.hengai.20101108.161754 test keys
I gather that the wireless uses the ralink 3070 driver, but don't know how to proceed. Thanks for your help