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    Exclamation Unable to 'make' Broadcom driver

    The broadcom driver for my wifi card (broadcom 8727 -- think it's also called a Dell E-1510 or 510?) won't compile.

    "relocatable linking from elf32-i386 to elf64-x86-64 not supported"

    I've looked extensively online and can't seem to find much. The only thing that's been suggested is to try "make TARGET=x86_64-elf"... which has absolutely no effect.

    I understand it's a problem between 64-bit and 32-bit code getting mixed, but the option to force it to either 32/64 bit seems to do nothing. Perhaps I'm just getting the option wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Have you looked here and here?

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    Yes, I've read all the way through the readme (even have it printed off and sitting with the laptop). I'm not sure how the second link applies. It's for two enterprise systems and hardware I don't have.

    It does appear that I have the proper tools installed. The line "ls /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build" didn't work, but if I manually found that directory it did in-fact exist.

    I need either a pre-compiled file to download and burn to a cd, or a fix to the command line parameters that will finally allow make to complete succesfully.

    Also, to clarify, I have the "4313 2.4 Ghz 14e4:4727 Dell 1501"
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    OK, so little update.

    I found a new driver which may work. (brcm80211)

    It requires a new firmware to be installed on my card. I downloaded the firmware and transferred it to /lib/firmware (exists on my machine and other files are there)

    1. How do I install the firmware?
    2. After that, I believe I just do a "sudo -i <whatever.o>" for the driver itself?

    - Jason

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