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    Unhappy Wireless access point / repeater

    I have a laptop with Fedora installed and an iPad.

    The only connection to internet in my house is wireless router. It has strong signal to catch it with laptop in every corner in my house, but not strong enough for an iPad...

    Since my iPad is mostly near my laptop, I'd like make my laptop to be turned to wireless repeater or that serves as access point so I can connect to network with an iPad.

    How can I do that from my Fedora machine?


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    if the signal is good enough for a laptop to 'see' it anywhere in the house, then it should be good enough for any other device to connect to it also.
    The problem probably lies elsewhere than the router. There are a ton of easier things to do than try to make your laptop into a repeater.
    If you do try to go down the repeater path, you are opening yourself up to a whole host of problem, not the least of which are security issues, as well as possibly stuffing things up if you are not entirely sure what you are doing.
    I would try searching for Ipad wireless problems first, and see what others have come up with.
    For example, there are some interesting thread here:
    and here: Elite Fritters: Apple IPad wireless connectivity problem at WIFI hotspots and hotels

    Hope this helps

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    If you do decide on a repeater, it would be far better to use a purpose built one than to expose your laptop to security risks. Meraki makes one that people recommend, Google will surely turn up more, or you could make one from a old router. This latter option may require a specific model of Linksys.


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