Alright, this has been an ongoing project for me. I'm working on getting my home server up and running the way I'd like it to. So far, it is working reasonably well. I have it all up and running, for the most part, but I'm running into a brick wall when it comes to setting up a software based wireless access point (internet connection sharing). I'm switching from a OS X machine (heavily upgraded G4), and it handled being my wireless access point flawlessly - so this is one function that I'd like to have back.

Right now, my machine has an onboard ethernet connection, along with a four port ethernet PCI-X card, and a wirless PCI card as well. The wired portion of my network is fine (DHCP, NAT, masquerading, etc.). I'm just trying to add wireless, to what seems to be an otherwise working configuration.

The machine is running Ubuntu 11.10, and the wireless card(s) I have access to are a bcm4318 and an rtl8185. I've already give the Broadcom card a pretty good go - and the best I could get it to do was show up as a visible network that I could associate with, but DHCP would not give IP addresses out. This little bit of progress was made using hostapd to put the card into master mode.

I then tried the rtl8185, which is apparently, not very well supported, as far as master mode goes. With this in mind, I tried to do an ad-hoc network. This brings me to where I am now.

After some fooling around with restarting basically everything network related in every order possible, I was able to successfully connect (no security, open network), received and IP and could browse the internet. However, for, seemingly no reason, it all went downhill. My clients got disconnected, and could not even see the network.

I tried restarting the networking system (/etc/init.d/networking restart), and then brought wlan1 up manually (ifconfig wlan1 inet netmask This is the way that I was able to connect before, but I couldn't get it to come up - the network isn't visible on any other devices.

I also noticed, that changes made to the /etc/network/interfaces file did not effect the output (such as the "essid") of "iwconfig" after restarting the networking system. This led me to believe there were other issues...anyway, I unloaded the rtl8180 module, reloaded it, brought wlan1 back up, restarted DHCP, and now I can see it and connect again.

Anyway...why do my clients get dropped? How can I keep this from happening? It would be mighty annoying to have to rmmod/modprobe each time I need to use wireless...